Galaxy Squads has an experts team for development. The team believes in professionalism. We have working individuals that are dignified developers. They have been in the industry for a long time, have experience in web design and PHP web development. We understand a customer’s business wants and nurtures a website that makes the most of his business.

Our web development company is successively running only because of our apt team. We work with a diversity of technologies that delivers clients with a lot of choices. The first step towards development is the adept use of tools. At our office epitomized it. We understand that you have a running system at present but we guarantee that anything that we design goes in the correct way. We have a list of pleased clients across the globe. That is why we flourishing at the best when it comes to web development services in USA. Current web development will help your website become intensely creative and stress-free to use but will also advance the inclination of using it. Here are the web development sources we work and help our client.

·       Open Source Development

·       Php(5.3.0) and Old Versions Platform

·       Joomla Technology

·       Word-Press Technology

·       Drupal Technology

·       MySQL

·       PHP/MySQL Web Development

·       Drupal Customization.

·       DRUPAL Customization

·       WORDPRESS Customization


·       E-Commerce website Development Solution

·       Business Website Development

·       Mobile Website Development

We have faith in working carefully with our client’s requirement. No matter what if the client is overseas. We connect through the email or Skype to help them understand about the progress. As professionals, we make sure whatever is being molded serves the end determination. That’s the reason we set a consultation with the development team. To discuss the progress and get the feedback. With the significance of mobile sites have improved noticeably which makes mobile website development much more important. We lay distinct weight on it and have advanced some of the smoothest mobile-optimized websites. Book a consultation now with the very talented team. Contact Now!